Taking the Plunge

Posted in bigWebApps, Business Building, Technology by jasonrmoore on February 25, 2009


We have been talking about doing webinars for somewhere around 5 years now.  We have tinkered here and there with pseudo-webinars, but we never fully committed to launching one with full force.

There are several factors that have played into us putting this off, but it mainly comes down to fear.  Are we going to be good or entertaining enough? Will our presentation present information that is considered valuable to the audience? Is our product good enough to present to an audience where we will not be receiving instant verbal feedback for 20 minutes?

Of course, we had excuses, too! Which one of us has the time to set up a webinar? to practice it? to build it?  Who internally has the skills to pull it off?

Fear is a crazy thing.  And it always amazes how fear of something strikes different people in completely different ways.

I am very proud to announce that Patrick Clements has stepped up to the plate for bigWebApps‘ first REAL webinar. Patrick has been slaving away for about three weeks building, honing, and practicing his presentation.  In about an hour from right now, bigWebApps will be moving into our very own “webinar” era.

What’s the webinar covering, you ask? We are releasing a new product to our suite. bigWebApps Warehouse is a complete warehouse and inventory management tool allowing you better control and visibility into your supplies process.

Wish us luck!

(NOTE: there is no link to the webinar because attendance is already FULL! – ROCK!)

photo credit: http://flickr.com/photos/stuant63/