Help Save My Baby Some Embarrassment for Life

Posted in Uncategorized by jasonrmoore on November 2, 2009


Last year, I committed to joining Team Nash Stache to raise awareness and money for men’s health, in particular prostate cancer (and new this year – testicular cancer).  The program is called Movember.

Fast forward to the present, and Mary (my wife) and I are expecting our third child any day! 

Since I won’t back out of my commitment to Team Nash Stache to help raise money, our baby is in danger of having her/his baby photos forever remembered with her father’s inability to grow a proper manly moustache.  This also puts my good standing (loosely used) with my wife as she is 100% appalled by the pencil marks on my face.

What does this mean to you? How can you help?  I made a deal with Mary that if I can raise my goal of $300, I would shave the moustache prior to Baby Moore #3’s delivery.

If you could help in any small way, you will forever be in good graces with my wife, Baby Moore #3, and men around the world – please donate here.

And for the sadistic bunch, if you are that committed to having this moustache remain – any single donation of $100 towards this cause will guarantee at least one picture shared with all of Baby Moore #3 and me still sporting the MO!


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