Seth Godin Nashville

Posted in Business Building, Personal Improvement by jasonrmoore on March 5, 2009


Contrary to how it looks, Seth and I did NOT meet in a photo booth at the county fair.

Seth Godin was in Nashville yesterday for the Country Radio Seminar to speak on how the radio industry has an opportunity to adopt the new world of marketing and thrive (not just survive) despite recent hardships.  As many of you know I am not in the radio business, but I was not going to let Seth come to Nashville without me in attendance!

Justin Davis (@jwd2a) and I show up at 7:30 am to get in line for tickets going on sale at 8.  Much to our surprise, we were still the only people in line by the time 8 o’clock rolled around.  What!!  This is Seth Godin, people!

Needless to say, it was an absolutely GREAT morning filled with surprises (lanyap – Pat) and unadulterated inspiration.

Justin and I took our seats around 8:30 for the 10:00 start to make sure we had good seats.  Reference the line mentioned earlier, and you know this wasn’t a problem.  Right at 9 o’clock is when the pleasant surprises started.  It starts with a one-song concert by an up-and-coming female artist from Texas completely rocking it out!  Who needs coffee?

Next up were presentations approximately 10 feet from us by John Rich (of Big & Rich, Musik Mafia) and Randy Owen (Alabama).  For those of you who know nothing of country music, I don’t think it’s too far of an over-statement to say that Randy Owen is similar to country music fans what Bono is to everyone else.  Next up was a short two-song concert by Phil Vasser.

Let me remind you again that we went into this room expecting to wait an hour and a half just to see Seth speak.  So let’s get to some brief notes on Seth.  I will preface this with saying that it is extremely difficult to boil down Seth’s message and keep any meaning.  He is masterful at spreading a message in a brief and direct manner.  If you haven’t read his books you really should no matter what position or field you are in.  His messages stretch your brain.

The two tidbits that stuck out the most from his presentation were:

  • One way to grow your business in the new world of marketing is to follow this cycle:
    • Be remarkable –> Tell a story to your customers –> They spread the word –> Get permission (then repeat)
    • The key to this method is that you actually have to be remarkable before telling the story and getting word to spread.  Far too often, people/companies want to tell the story of what they intend to do not what they have done or are doing.  Your story won’t spread without substance.
  • If you are in an industry that is struggling with the paradigm shift, you have a choice between the following two.  What do you think is best for you?
    • “Yesterday lasting a little longer; Tomorrow coming a little sooner”
    • “Yesterday” is what your industry was built on and is probably what they/you are hanging onto today.  “Tomorrow” is everything that your trade organization is fighting.

Is it risky to be the outlier and reach for “tomorrow” in your organization or industry? Probably.  But if you are no longer employed by your current employer if five years do you want the reason to be that you walked lock-step like you were “supposed to” then were laid off when the looming downturn came?  Or do you want your story to be that you did what you knew needed to be done; got fired; then continued your personal transformation and changed how you perform your old job with another company (maybe your own)?

In closing, I would like to thank the CRB for bringing Seth to Nashville.  His message is vital to the livelihood of your industry and it’s refreshing to see that someone there is embracing it.


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