PodCamp Nashville: The Beginner’s Guide

Posted in Personal Improvement, Technology by jasonrmoore on March 3, 2009


Are you interested in the idea of podcasting for your business or personal endeavors?  Me, too!!

This coming weekend PodCamp Nashville will be help at Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management.  #PCN09 is a free event based on the BarCamp model of user-generated content sessions.

So you’ve never recorded your own podcast and have no idea where to start?  Come with me to the following sessions that sound like they’re just right for us!  Some of these are about social media and not specifically podcasting.

From Prep to Post, The Podcasting Process by Justin Davis

A Slice of Cake: The Secret to Podcast Listener Loyalty by Dave Delaney

Your Site Sucks! by Kate O’Neil (not much about podcasting, but how can you pass this one up????)

How to Use A Chainsaw Without Cutting Off Your Leg by Bill Seaver

Podcasting and WordPress – Like Digital PB&J! by Mitch Canter (aka studionashvegas)

Outside of the sessions, PodCamp will be a great event to meet other people in your community.  And outside of networking and learning, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!!!  Volunteers are needed for various levels of time and skill sets.  If you are interested in attending, presenting, or volunteering go sign up now!!


Volunteer here!


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