Can’ts and Don’ts

Posted in Personal Improvement by jasonrmoore on March 1, 2009

The line between people who “can’t” do something and the people who “don’t” do things is becoming increasingly blurred.

You know the people:

I can’t lose weight.
I can’t get my finances in order.
I can’t get the respect of my peers at work.
I can’t spare money/time for charities or others in need.
I can’t find the time to read to my children.

Another translation of “can’t” in this manner is “I don’t have time to…”

How many of the total number of contestants who enter the show, The Biggest Loser, have repeatedly said that they CAN’T lose weight.  But after several weeks of pushing their body, mind, and spirit beyond where they had tried before, the contestants drop amazing amounts of weight and become different people on the inside and out.

The trainers and constant supervision are certainly tools that each person did not have prior to being on the show.  But the fact remains is that it was NEVER something that each them of them couldn’t do.  It was something they didn’t do.

The first step to accomplishing something that you never thought possible is to move it from the “can’t” section of your brain to the “don’t” section.  Once you have it there, you can figure out whether or not you want to move forward.  If not, simply choose not to do it but don’t say that you can’t.

What couldn’t you do yesterday that you are going to accomplish today?




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